THE BARN AT EASINGTON is very excited to announce that in the Autumn of 2020 we began our Rewilding project at the farm by planting some trees. Although this was the beginning of our formally signing up to Rewilding as a concept, after being inspired by such books as Wilding by Isabella Tree, we were pleased to discover from our research that we had already gone quite a long way along the road to restoring habitats, soil health and species diversity on the farm. We infact began by converting what was arable land, when we purchased the farm in 1997, to pasture sown with native grasses and wild flowers. 20 years later this has already born fruit with increasingly species rich wild flower meadows year on year.


So in Autumn of this year, with the help of Climate Action North, we planted a small birch, willow and hazel grove in our bottom field, close to the edge of Hawthorn Dene. The plan is, as part of a DEFRA Countryside Stewardship Scheme, to take the edges of this field out of management and leave them ungrazed and mostly un cut to encourage the trees and scrub in the Dene to spread outwards. 

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Our next project is to make a lake or wetland in the dip at the bottom of this field which floods in the wet season already. We’re hoping to encourage migrating birds to land here. Work will hopefully commence in 2021. We thought it a very good omen when an actual lake appeared and stayed for a couple of weeks in December. We were able to mark out the area so we will know where to dig out when we come to it. 


We have built a strong relationship with the local community over the years with our community events and education projects. We are hoping that local people will take our Rewilding project to their hearts and anyone wanting to participate or volunteer either with labour or expertise or helping us do wildlife surveys. Please get in touch.

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