In 2013 The Barn hosted the international theatre company Penn Dixie Productions for the whole of July. They lived, rehearsed, built their set, and staged their dress rehearsal and then took off to Edinburgh to perform The Seer which was nominated for best ensemble by The Stage.


"Penn Dixie spent three weeks at The Barn at Easington in the summer of 2013, re-staging a live theatre piece to take to the Edinburgh Festival. The grind and stress of a high-pressure production was softened and sweetened by the unbelievable beauty of our surroundings. Double rainbows, distant seas, statuesque horses, and rolling hay surrounded the mayhem of our barn rehearsals. Ellie, Jon, and Nicola were incredibly encouraging and helpful whenever we were short on a tool, or needed a fresh pair of eyes and an astute opinion. We had the time of our lives and can't wait to return again soon."


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