Our training will define an approach inspired by visits to Reggio Emilia in Italy, Danish forest school and Nature Kindergartens methodology. Practical and theoretical will run hand in hand with the individual needs of the settings.
Training involves working with staff
  • How to implement and support outdoor learning in your setting.
  • The role of documentation for assessments.
  • How to make the most of your outside environment.
  • Develop practical skills in using tools and fire.
  • Understanding the impact on creativity and language when using natural and open ended materials.
  • Using the seasons and what is around us for free to support child initiated learning.
Last spring we delivered our first Forest school training in Partnership with Sue Stokoe head of Boldon Nature Nursery and the foundation unit from Bexhill Academy. The training focussed on enabling staff from Bexhill to gain a deeper understanding of the educational and well being potential for learning in the outdoor environment. Bexhill staff visited Boldon Nursery to observe the methodologies and monitoring used to support learning in an environment where children spend 80% of their time outdoors. They visited the Barn at Easington with their children for 4 Forest School sessions led by Nicola Balfour.
We have also delivered CPD sessions to Wingate Nursery, Cotsford Ist School and Easington C of E Primary School
For more information to devise with Nicola your personalised training package email thebarnateasington@hotmail.com

       "Early experiences with the natural world have been positively linked with the development of              imagination and a sense of wonder." [Cobb 1977]

       "Exposure to natural environments improves children’s cognitive development by improving                 their awareness, reasoning and observational skills." [Pyle 2002]